Making the Best of it

I’ve mentioned before how my patience is wearing thin, and contrary to expectations it is actually getting harder rather than easier as we approach the end of the school year (and the move, and all of the requisite life changes).  I feel a bit like a lame duck must feel.  Restless, bored, ineffectual, and impatient.  It’s a pretty unsettling feeling.  I have been so content and happy these past three years, that this daily unrest (albeit mental) is getting old, real fast.

I am also not one to sit and complain and do nothing, so…

English: This is actually Tom's Restaurant, NY...

Tom’s Restaurant, NYC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I plan to make a list of some of the things I enjoy about this place where I live, and this situation in which I live, and attempt to make the best of the rest of our time here.  For instance, I love a good restaurant, and living in this big metropolis, we have plenty to choose from, which will not really be the case after we move south.  We generally eat out once a week or so, and if you do the math, that leaves 13 restaurants to visit one last time (give or take a few).  Whoa.  Mind boggling!  Which ones will make the cut?  And what will I order?

This is a much more fun way to look at these remaining few months before we can start the rest of our lives, don’t you think?