No Program Extension. Now What?

I found out the week before break that most likely, The Boy’s pilot program for “high functioning” autistic middle schoolers will not be extended into the high school, as we were previously encouraged to believe.

So now what?

He is currently bussed across the district for his program, and has a community of friends in and out of the program. If they do not extend it into the high school, he will have to go to high school here in his own community, where he knows absolutely no one, and if the high school over here is anything like the middle school was… Let’s just say that’s not going to happen.

what nowThe Man and I have been looking to buy property and build a house out towards The Boy’s school anyway, but so far have not been in the right place at the right time to make that happen.  Moving out that way would make his current school his home school, and the high school I’d like him to go to his home school, as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  And unfortunately, we only have another year to make all of this happen.

And then I begin to think, “Could I make homeschooling work with a full-time work schedule? Maybe with the help of Grammy?…” I think I’d be killing myself to make it happen, and The boy would miss out big-time on socialization with NT peers, but I’m not ruling it out.

Part of me is saying, “Well, maybe there are decent schools in Florida, where we want to move eventually, and maybe we should fast-forward the timeline…”


Being forced to make major life decisions like this because a school district can’t do the right thing and commit to the needs of its students really bites.

First Day Report

The Boy had a great first day.  I received a note in his planner reporting on it, and an email from his new band teacher saying he did very well, and pointing out that we could work on the rests (and listen to recordings of the tunes on the band’s website).

Tuba with four rotary valves.

Just like The Boy’s but his would never, ever be found on the ground like that!

This, THIS is what I’ve been looking for.  The Boy had a communication log in elementary, and while I know that middle school is different, this communication about his day is essential to me if I want to know what’s going on.  He did struggle in social studies today (of course!), and I’m not sure what that means yet, but we’ll figure it out and get him there.He was super excited to be at his new school, and to ride the van that is his transportation to and from school.  He gets to go directly to Grammy and Poppy’s house after school, and everything in that arena worked just as it should.  Longer rides, but he isn’t the only kid in the van, and The Boy seemed happy.

I’m happy.

I think this just might work.