Financial Guide for Single Mothers: A Review

Probably because I have posted a few times in the past about finances and divorce and all that seemingly intimidating but important stuff we ladies need to know, I was approached by Amit Eshet.  He has written a short ebook entitled Financial Guide for Single Mothers, and asked me to review it.  So in full disclosure, I did receive a free copy of his book to review.  But I got an extra for one lucky reader, too.  Read on…

Financial Guide For Single MothersAmit’s guide is only 44 pages, and is completely affordable at $2.99 on Amazon.  The book contains nine short chapters on topics ranging from scholarships and grants to how to deal with your bank and credit card companies.  I found his writing style engaging and informative and the information relatively easy to understand and follow.  I encountered some new resources and things I hadn’t considered as I read, which I think anyone who has to learn the hard way about finances as I did will inevitably learn in guides like this.  It is certainly not all encompassing – I don’t think anyone would expect that from a short ebook, but the tone is encouraging, and I think would be especially inspiring to any newly single mom.

I think the chapter on Money and Emotions is particularly relevant.  I can remember being in a gifted class in elementary school where one of our projects entailed watching TV commercials and understanding which type of pitch they were using to get us to buy things we didn’t need.  What valuable information to know as a consumer, and so many people have no clue that they are succumbing to marketing and emotions!

I also enjoyed the tips in the chapter about teaching your children about finances.  They were very specific and tailored to age levels, and included activities to get your kids thinking about how to be smart with money.

I think Mr. Eshet has a concise guide to inspire newly single moms to not be afraid of finances, and to investigate more about how to handle their money so that they can take advantage of what’s out there, and be smart about companies trying to take advantage of them.

And now for the contest!  Leave a comment about money: why it scares you, something you’ve learned about it, anything!  I will pick one commenter at random to win a copy of the Financial Guide for Single Mothers.  Comments must be submitted by Friday, May 3rd at midnight.

Good luck!