I Can’t Fix This

“He must have neglected to turn it in.”

This is what The Boy’s language arts special education teacher told me when I let her know I had sent in the reading log for last week. She also said she doesn’t like to go into his backpack because it would be invading his privacy.

While I understand the sentiment, it smacks of ineptitude. That would be like a physical therapist ignoring your issue with your elbow because they didn’t want to ask you to expose it.

She went on to say that he is not completing work in class, which is an IEP goal, because he is spending too much time drawing. His TA (yes, his TA) came up with an incentive program for this, but the teacher claims that because the TA isn’t in her room for her classes, The Boy does not want to participate. And it’s hard because she’s got all the other kids in there.

Well, I’m sorry. Darn it, life is hard, and sometimes you just have to do your job. You can hope and wish and pray that your student with autism will suddenly find his missing executive functioning skills under a desk in the corner, but most people work on them instead. Because that’s what they get paid to do, and that’s what they’re in it for.

Could I call another IEP meeting? Sure. Would it do any good? I think you can cure this as much as you can cure autism itself. I think this is a response email, possibly cc’d to the TA who is the only freaking one at the school with a clue, and maybe we can muddle through the rest of 8th grade.

I hate that my son’s education has come to this. But there are only so many times you can bang your head against a wall. This particular issue is the teacher’s and not The Boy’s. And it’s not my job to fix it.



3 thoughts on “I Can’t Fix This

  1. Does the Boy see the TA during the day? Can she/he go through the Boy’s backpack? Can the Boy chart his success rate at turning things in and have the classroom teacher initial it? Could there be a reward system set up at home? Grabbing at straws.

    • I think the TA does this, but I’m not sure. It’s difficult this year because there isn’t a go-to person to coordinate everything. This time around, the TA put a bunch of finished work in his backpack, but the teacher wasn’t sure what she’d put in there – lack of communication! His special ed teacher should be ensuring he’s meeting his IEP goals, but I don’t think this happens. The TA has a reward system that works, but only with her. They have to work together to figure out how to make it transfer.

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