The Boy is 14

Why does 14 sound so much bigger and older than 13?

I am a proud mom. He is the greatest of kids. He makes me laugh, and amazes me with his cleverness. He is becoming quite the self advocate and has shown great insight for a teenager.

Part of me shivers at every passing birthday, because being a parent to an autistic child is, at the core, similar to driving in the fog. We have no idea what’s coming. Most people pause and reflect on birthdays, celebrating how far they’ve come, certainly, but also looking forward. But I can’t see, and it’s tough. 

One of my favorite bands, Dawes, has a sweet little tune out now called “All Your Favorite Bands.” The line that makes my eyes leak (because all of their songs do this) goes, “I hope the world sees the same person that you’ve always been to me.” That is my birthday wish for The Boy. Because I can’t get more specific than that. It’s like pea soup out there.



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