Not on a Plane, Sorry

The ex called last week, talked about putting The Boy on a plane with an assistance program, and promptly promised The Boy that he would see him around New Years, and that he would be flying on a plane.



He presented this idea as basically the only way he could see his son. He intimated that this program was free (which it’s so totally not). Not that I would be paying for it, but this is evidence of his lack of research. He admitted that the people probably have no knowledge about autism, “but who knows, we might get lucky! Sometimes they are former teachers!” Not the thing to say to me when I have a tentative meeting scheduled with the school principal and counselor who not only know nothing about autism, but didn’t even know who the county autism specialist was.

I started to think about actually allowing him to put The Boy on a plane. I tried to imagine him going through security. Sitting in the gate area and waiting. Getting on the plane. The possibility of delays. The timing of medication. The certainty that the flight attendant would tell him to turn off his electronics. The possibility that he might want to videotape the toilet on the plane with his iPad…

Um. No. The answer is still no. And by the way, if you can afford a plane ticket, you can afford to pay down your overdue balance on child support.


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