A Peek Into Their World

Lawson's_JournalYesterday, we had an informal parent meeting with the teacher of The Boy’s program and the county autism specialist to check in, and give some feedback about the program so they can satisfy their grant requirements.  Everyone was very pleased, and remarked at what a haven they have created for our boys, and how thankful we were for the program’s existence.  The teacher then told us we could look at our kids’ binders where they keep their journal writing related to their social skills class.  The Boy hasn’t done much of this because he is the only 6th grader in the program, and therefore doesn’t have much of a social skills class, but the other parents were like little children on Christmas, “Can we really look in their binders??”  I watched as they read the entries, pointing out certain phrases to their spouses, all the while reading like they wanted to get to the end of the book before lights out.  For parents who don’t often get verbal communication from our kiddos, this opportunity was an incredibly valuable peek into their world.

I’m so thankful for special education teachers who know what their doing, programs that provide what our kiddos need, and opportunities to connect with our boys, even indirectly.


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