A New Bed for The Boy

Today, The Man is working on building a new bed for The Boy.  This is something he and I have promised him since before we moved, and it is now coming to fruition.  I’m actually glad we haven’t done it before now, because The Boy has grown so much physically in the last year that he may not have been able to fit if we had based it on how big he used to be.

You see, The Boy fell in love with a Captain’s bed when I was buying a couch for our new home.  While I was in the process of testing, deciding and purchasing, he had disappeared into the kids section – literally disappeared.  He had crawled into the “hidey-hole” underneath a Captain’s bed, closed the door, and enjoyed the new space so much, decided he had to have one.

After we moved here, when he needed that extra privacy, and the extra-enclosed space, he crawled into his rather-small closet and hung out in there for awhile.  Now that he is as big as me, it hasn’t always been the most comfortable.  The need for his own extra-private-enclosed space was becoming greater.

The Man is building his custom designed bed, complete with a shutter door on the end today (and probably tomorrow).  We went to pick out the paint color this morning, which I thought would be a long process, but was most definitely not.  We begin the process of working on making The Boy’s room his personal space, only six months after he moved into it.  And The Man is designing and building furniture for him to meet his particular needs.

I will add pics to this post when it is all done 😉

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you, young man.  We love you!


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