Still Looking

I usually post every weekday, but there was no post yesterday.  I was in the middle of launching an etsy shop as well as attending an orientation for substitute teaching in a neighboring county.  You see, I am still in need of a job.

Not a part-time, minimum wage job which doesn’t even pay for the gas to get there and back.

Not even a job that comes close to the salary and benefits I had as a teacher.

I need a job at which I can use some of the skills that I have, and have enough left in my paycheck to pay my bills.  And one that isn’t 52 miles away (like the one for which I was offered an interview this week that I had to turn down).

Timken Roller Bearing Co., calendar, September...

Unfortunately, I haven’t found that job yet.  And to be honest, it is wearing on me.  It is unspeakably frustrating to have skills for hundreds of jobs, and not even get an email or phone call.  So I have broken down, and enlisted in the “sub corps,” so called because the kids tend to treat you as sub-human.  But I can’t make that kind of money in one day anywhere else, apparently.  And my family has to eat.

Now I just have to see if I can get the health form filled out, which could be a challenge for a girl with no doctor and no health care… *sigh*


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