First Day

The backpack is packed, and the clothes sorter is full.  The new fake glasses have had their lenses popped out.  New shoes, men’s size 8, have been purchased, and as far as I can tell, we are as ready for The Boy’s first day of 6th grade, first day at a new school, as we will ever be.  I know what time I want to leave tomorrow morning down to the minute, and I know the times for everything on our agenda up to that point.  And I know what time to be at the school for pickup to avoid traffic in the parking lot.

I just don’t know what will happen in between drop-off and pickup.

I hope it’s a bunch of patient people, friendly faces, compassion, competence, and good experiences.

Good luck to all the students and teachers heading back to school, and to the helpless but hopeful parents left behind!

The Boy's self portrait

The Boy’s self portrait


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