He Thought I’d Leave Him

English: Chili's restaurante at Telheiras, Lis...We picked up The Man at the airport yesterday and brought him home, and he was starving, so we planned to go to Chili’s.  Except that The Boy wasn’t too keen on going to Chili’s right away, not very concerned with everyone else’s level of hunger.  He decided to put his pajamas on, which he often does when we get home from school.  Except we were going to Chili’s.  A minor battle ensued.

I called forth every ounce of patience I had, and sat down on his bed, where he was just about ready to pop, and tried to talk him through, which has worked extremely well, especially lately.  I asked him what was wrong.  He equated going to Chili’s with going to school, and if he was going to school, I would leave him.  Huh?  Where did this come from?  I assured him I wasn’t going anywhere, we weren’t going to school, just to Chili’s to have some dinner, and he could put his jammies on when we got back home.

As he often does when we have battles about clothing, he compromised with wearing his dress clothes, even down to the tie and suit coat.  Better than jammies, I suppose.

Sometimes I realize I can’t even begin to guess what is going on in his mind, and what connections he is making without anyone knowing it.  I guess that’s why talking it through is so important, and it’s why I am so thankful we can do that.


2 thoughts on “He Thought I’d Leave Him

  1. I wonder if his anxiety is stemming from your big move. Maybe he is worried about being left here while you go to NC. You have probably talked with him about the move many times. But maybe, in his stressed out moments, he is really worried about not being the center of your attention any more. I figure that this will all work out in the end but there may be rocky roads ahead. Kids can be really so complicated!

    • I was thinking along the same lines. It can be so surprising sometimes to hear him verbalize what he’s thinking. I know we will have some work to do in the coming months.

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