Moving On

I’ve worked in the same place for twelve years.  And although I have had other jobs, even within this career, I have always been a teacher.  That will end in June, and it’s scary yet liberating, unfathomable yet exciting.  I shouldn’t necessarily say that I will not be teaching – I should qualify it with, “in the public schools”.  I am actually quite hopeful that I will continue teaching in some capacity, whether it is tutoring, private lessons, community college, or in some other area.  I mean, let’s face it — I’m not going to become an accountant, a cage fighter, or an astronaut.  I do this well enough, that I feel like I can transition my experience and skills into something similar if not the same.

mona in threadOne of Gardner’s multiple intelligences is Intrapersonal Intelligence which has to do with knowing and understanding yourself — I have always scored very highly in this area on those tests, probably from being an only child, with no one to analyze except myself.  I really think about my own emotions and reactions, and try to learn from myself on a constant basis.  I have been monitoring my feelings toward this slew of big change heading our way, and as the day gets closer, I have noticed a few things I will miss, for sure.  But mostly, I am ready.  Ready to be doing something else.  Ready to reactivate and rededicate my brain to new and different ventures.

Today, I received news that would have driven me insane – news about coming changes to my current position.  Almost simultaneously, I received news about a possible job prospect where I’m headed, one that is exactly the type of thing I was looking for.  And I thought, “How serendipitous that I receive both pieces of news on the same day!”  I could have headed down the negative path, worrying about what I’m now thinking of as “my old job”, but instead, I’m clearly thinking and moving toward this positive path, the path of my future.  I see that as even more proof that I’m ready.


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