Our Latest (Recurring) Challenge

The MaelstromThe Boy and I are having issues again with things.  There are things that he thinks he needs to either bring or wear to school or other places, yet he can’t keep track of his things in his maelstrom of a bedroom.  Compound that with the fact that he is unable to search for things, and we have this recurring challenge – he will often stand in his room and look for things, but without picking up any of the million things that are lying on his floor or his bed.  “I can’t FIND it!” he will yell, as if his room is a hidden object game where everything is visible if you just look hard enough…

Getting The Boy to clean his room is like pulling teeth.  Getting him to keep it organized is nigh impossible (pulls out thirteen shirts by not being careful about only pulling out the one he needs).  And then he can’t find what he needs, and the cycle continues.

Adding routines is the answer, although this is easier said than done.  “I have to do MORE chores!!” he will exclaim when I ask him to put his clothes in the hamper, as if he can’t dirty his royal hands with them.  Adding incentives to routines — yep!  Come up with yet another chart and stickers, or something.

Tonight we sort out his room again, to look for the blue striped tie he is missing.  Round and round we go, again…


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