Do Men “Nest”?

English: a bird nest Français : un nid d'oiseau

a bird nest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, so no babies involved here, but The Man is super excited about working on our house to get it ready for The Boy and I.  So far on the list:

  • New front door
  • New siding
  • replacement windows
  • planting shrubs
  • fixing and possibly siding the shed/garage
  • replacing insulation under the house

He knows there’s no way all of this will get done before we arrive, but it’s rather sweet that he wants to prepare our new home for us.  And I really get a kick about talking through things together with him, planning and making decisions.  For instance, we had almost decided to finally pick up and plant the shrubs we had bought last year (!) while I am down there for spring break, until I realized that if he was going to re-do the siding, we had better wait on that.  Good thing we talked that one through!

All of this is exciting and actually makes me feel very loved.  It also feels like I’m part of a team, and that we’re working together.


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