Sometimes Still My Little Boy

There are still cuddly days, thank goodness. Today was one. He seemed excited to see me at pick up, and almost shared something that sounded like a good thing. I couldn’t quite get it out of him. I read (in his communication log) he had had an excellent day, and he seemed excited about dissecting owl pellets in class, and even made a connection to the book they are reading that has an owl as a main character. I had recently seen an owl webcam online, and showed it to him when we got home. He snuggled in next to me on the chair, and we watched for quite awhile.  When I closed the browser window, he noticed that I had been previewing a cartoon DVD for school, full of old-school cartoons. He asked to watch it, and we spent the next hour nestled together in a blankie, watching Tom & Jerry, and Sylvester & Tweety. It was a fantastic afternoon!

I know these times will come fewer and farther between, so I am so happy when something like this happens out of the blue.  My little boy is growing up!


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