Flying with Autism

We are flying today.  It will be the first time in a long while for The Boy – a couple of years, at least.  He actually really enjoys flying, and has been begging me to fly on our frequent trips down south, but it just hasn’t been affordable in comparison to driving.  This time, however, our time is short, so we bit the bullet and today, we are flying!

Our experiences haven’t always been so happy.  There was the time when we had to run to catch a connecting flight and The Boy had to pee.  We didn’t have time, and we were running, and… he peed.  Right in the middle of the terminal.  I left the pee, we ran into the bathroom, I changed his pants (luckily we had carry-on luggage!) and ran to our gate.  We missed the flight.  I felt bad for leaving the pee there in the middle of the terminal, but what more could I do?  Desperate times, and all that…  It worked out OK.  We caught the next flight, and had some down-time while we waited.

There was the other time, when The Boy was probably preschool age (which means undiagnosed as of yet), and refused to put his seatbelt on.  The snarky flight attendant admonished me in clipped words that he would have to put his seatbelt on.  I responded, with a certain amount of ice in my tone that I would take care of it.  And I did.  Making it look like he had his belt on, until I could actually get him to fasten it.

Oh, and the many, many flights spent trying to get him not to kick the seat in front of him…  And the flight where we got upgraded to first class.  That must have been a mistake.  They saw a female and male with the same last name, and were NOT expecting a single mom with a toddler child, but couldn’t go back on it once we approached the counter.  That was classic.  And a very nice flight too!  I didn’t have to worry about him kicking the seat in front of him, because he couldn’t reach it!

In any case, I’m not expecting too many issues.  He is a rather seasoned flyer, with probably 30 flights under his belt (pun completely intended).  Our only issue may be with the electronics rule…  Cross your fingers for us!


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