Sunday Shout-Out: NAA’s Little Shop of Hope


English: Finnish road sign no. 791. Emergency ...

The National Autism Association has a shop on their site that they call NAA’s Little Shop of Hope – The Big Red Safety Shop.  They sell safety and advocacy items that are especially useful if your child is a wanderer.  I particularly like the stickers, iron-ons, and temporary tattoos that have an emergency number to call if your child gets lost.  I have experienced a few moments of panic at a mall when The Boy was younger, and more recently at his choir performance, where I just couldn’t find him for a few minutes.  I would have had a bit more piece of mind if he had had something on him that had my phone number, for sure.

I also like the cards that you can pass along to someone who is not understanding your child’s public meltdown.  I’ve never used these, but have lost count of the number of times I could have.

Please check it out, or pass it along to someone who might find these resources useful.


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