Halloween at Our House

I’m one of those moms who orders the costume, even if it’s a bit expensive, and we order it early.  Why?

  • We order early, in case there’s a size issue, or any problem of any kind that could be the impetus for a meltdown
  • The Boy can get very fixated on a costume idea, and if it doesn’t exist, that means I have to make it (or more likely, Grammy does).  Then if that made costume isn’t perfect, that could be the impetus for a meltdown
  • I was the kid who always came up with the costume idea, and then tried to make it (or have my mom make it), and no one knew what I was – very frustrating for others to not understand your vision

I’m also the mom who gets the cool candy, gives it out in big handfuls, even to the teenagers not dressed as anything.  Why?

  • Halloween is a kid holiday, like it or not.  I want them to get what they want, because it’s all about them.
  • When I run out, I run out.  I usually buy two big bags, and because my door is shuttered while I’m out and about with my own kid, it usually lasts long enough.
  • We get inner city kids coming to our door because they just want a safe place to trick or treat.  I give to the teenagers without costumes because I have a feeling lots of them have not had too much joy in their childhood.  I’m not going to deny them a handful of candy out of spite.

So far, we have had great success, and I like to stick with what works.  How about you?  How do you handle Halloween at your house?


One thought on “Halloween at Our House

  1. I can’t stand the people who won’t give it to teenagers! Some of those kids it will be the only “food” they’ll have for a while. Why be so stingy? There’s almost always leftovers.

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