A New Experience: Rollerskating

Sometimes, I look back at the fun things I did as a kid and realize, “Holy crap.  My son has probably never done that!” And I have a moment of disbelief, thinking, “This has nothing to do with autism, and everything to do with an apparent lack of parenting!”  Don’t get me wrong — the kid eats out a bunch, has traveled a lot, and goes to zoos and museums on a regular basis.  He’s not sheltered.  It’s more like that realization you have from time to time that you are actually the adult and the parent now.  I hope I’m not alone in that…

In any case, as always, I’m not quite sure how this came about because my memory is awful, but I believe I was reminiscing about my elementary school parties which always occurred at the skating rink, and I may have been doing it aloud in the car.  And The Boy may have expressed interest in rollerskating, and I had one of the moments described above.  I think that’s how it went down anyway…

So I took him rollerskating for the first time.  He was sooo excited, waiting in line, getting the skates, putting them on, finding a locker for our stuff.  And then I had to show him how to do it.  How to rollerskate.  And it had been awhile, OK a LONG time since I had been rollerskating.  And man, were we a pair!  He worked so hard at it, and fell so much.  But every time he fell, he laughed and got back up again — he was determined!!  I hung onto him, and picked him up after he fell every time, and after awhile he was pushing me away with an “I can DO it” look on his face.

I was so glad we had gone.  Wrecked, exhausted, sore, but so glad.  And I was so proud of his determination, independence, and ability to laugh at himself.  And he had a blast.  New experiences aren’t always something to fear in the world of autism.


4 thoughts on “A New Experience: Rollerskating

  1. I love this! It’s so true, very easy to fear new things just as much as our kids do. Because they can be just. so. hard. to manage! My kids love skating too. Good on you, and glad it was a success.

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