Sunday Shout-Out:

I was gonna reign it in a bit.  I was gonna stop posting every day for fear of running out of (important) things to say.  But then I realized I have a lot to say, and I like writing.  So I’ve changed my mind, and I will probably almost always give you some kind of post.  Probably almost always every day.  If you don’t want to read it every day, I’m sure you can get it in digest form or something…

In any case, I think on Sundays, I might try highlighting some of the great people that are out there in our community.  There are people out there who live to help others, and their generosity amazes me, and that is the type of thing I would like to see spread on the interwebs, rather than (or at least in addition to) cute cat pictures.

This Sunday, I am going to introduce a couple of fabulous ladies over at  Dr. Leah and Rachel Sarah are great, and I mean GREAT people.  If you haven’t visited their site, please do so now.  Not just a place for advice about how to be a single mom (or dad!), it has become a community.  You will see that the commenters are regulars, and there are always a wide range of opinions.  In addition to that, these two are the type of bloggers who respond to your emails – amazing, I know!  I have written to them a few times with my own single mom conundrums, and they have engaged in e-conversation with me, encouraging me, following up with me… they are just good people.

If you are looking for good people to support you in your single momdom, start here.


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