What’s a Squag?

Squag, according to their website, is “a curated social space for kids with autism (and other learning differences) to build ideas about themselves”.  I signed up for Squag because I thought The Boy would like it.  He liked a similar online experience aimed at kids with autism, called the Sensory House at Sensoryworld.org, so I gave it a shot.  I signed up, created an account for him, and walked through the tutorial on setting it up (they encourage parents to leave messages for their kids to find later, and provide input into the building of their “squagpad”).  Unfortunately, The Boy wasn’t very interested because he has become intensely private, and did not want to use my computer to access it, preferring his iPad.  And Squag doesn’t have iPad capability, yet.

But, they will soon, I’ve been told, and when they do, we will be the first to sign up again.  It is amazingly comprehensive, and would be such a great, safe space for The Boy to write (as he likes to do).  You really should take the tour and check it out.

I wanted to bring it to your attention because the founder, Sara Winter, has been so completely gracious whenever I have had a problem with billing or anything, and I think she has a good product which could be fantastic for a lot of kids and families.  I think she is on the right track.  Please check it out – it may work for you and yours.  And in the meantime, I will (anxiously) wait for the iPad version.


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