Fantastic Babysitter and her new husband are taking The Boy camping this weekend.  This has become an annual tradition because boys like camping, and should go camping, and I, well… don’t camp.  I hate it.  I hate the bugs, the lack of toilets and showers, the musty smells, and the “roughing it”.  Just not my thing.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be The Boy’s thing, and so a couple of summers ago, when Fantastic Babysitter offered to take The Boy camping for a whole weekend, I jumped at the offer.  And I will admit that I also jumped at the offer because I would have a whole weekend to myself, which is a rare commodity, almost unheard of around here.

And so.  I will be sleeping more (I think, unless my neighbor decides to blast her TV some more), eating what and when I’d like, getting a mani/pedi (as a reward for working out on a semi-regular basis these past two weeks), and doing what I choose!  Bliss!

What would you do with two and half days of free-time?


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