Bedtime (Social) Story Update

Last night we wrote the story, and The Boy went to bed after that fairly easily.

Tonight, we had another flare up, but it has been about 20 minutes, and he is still in his room, and not threatening to leave the state.  I hear things being thrown, and some angry muttering, but all in all, a much calmer reaction to “lights out” tonight.  I’m probably jinxing myself as I write this, so I am going to delay the post…  Nope.  He finally settled. *Whew!*

Later this week, I will be receiving a book that I learned about on Learnvest (which is a fantastic financial site aimed at women — if you are recently divorced, or even if you’re not, they have a wealth of very valuable and trusted information — see what I did there?  “Wealth”? snort).  It is called “Earn It, Learn It” by Alisa Weinstein, and contains the “Earn My Keep” program, which is a re-design of how we do allowance, and how to help our kids actually, really, truly understand that money doesn’t grow on trees.  More to come…


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