Happy Birthday to My Man

DSC00478The Man and I have just celebrated being married for 8 months, and today is his birthday.

If you’ve been following along, he and I have known each other for years, and I started to crush on him pretty hard after I got divorced.  He has also known The Boy for years, and often entertained him when we were on vacation down here with my parents.  He even taught him to ride a bike, and has recently succeeded in getting him to stand up on the surfboard while riding a wave in by himself – such a triumph after years of “lessons”!

He was nervous about getting married, but has since settled in, and enjoys marriage now, as do I.  Quite simply put, he’s my best friend, I love spending time with him, he makes me laugh, and we are good together.

There is also a considerable age difference between us, which has always bothered him more than it has bothered me.  He often wishes I had some grey hairs so people wouldn’t mistake him for my dad (this has only happened a few times, although it is irritating), but I think over time, he has seen that it rarely comes up, and isn’t an issue in the least.

He is a good man, and I am so lucky to have him.  And for the next seven months, he is only sixteen years older than me, rather than seventeen.  Happy Birthday to The Man, The Only Man For Me!

You Never Really Have the Knack of it

English: A vector image of a Nintendo DS Lite

As The Boy grows, I have these brief feelings of knowing what I’m doing, like I’ve got him figured out and can anticipate whatever may come up with him.  And then Life laughs in my face and says, “Are you kidding me?  He’s growing which means he’s changing, and you don’t have a clue!”

And I don’t.

He no longer requires toys for birthday and Christmas, which is a GREAT thing, but his electronics have overtaken everything, and if one of them gets damaged (a la an iPad screen) or goes missing for whatever reason, it can’t be replaced.  Did I say if one goes missing?  Hahahaha.  There goes Life laughing at me again.  I should have said when one goes missing…


I mentioned recently that his old DS, a gift from his 8th birthday, which had been forgotten in a drawer for a couple of years has recently resurfaced because many of his friends have them down here.  Many of the Christmas and birthday presents purchased for him this year are based on that rekindling.  And now his DS has gone missing because he has been taking it to school so he can play it in the van on the long, early ride.

He had been warned about taking his electronics to school, but now what?  What if it wasn’t misplaced at school or at Grammy’s or in his messy, messy room?  What if it was stolen, or “borrowed” by some unscrupulous acquaintance?  What do we do?

I haven’t a clue.

Very funny, Life…

Use Your Words

Tomorrow is The Boy’s birthday (Just FYI – there will be another birthday related post tomorrow.  Birthdays are a big deal).  Today’s post is about verbalizing.  The Boy is verbal.  In fact, if he is speaking about interior dome lights in cars, he is downright verbose.  But he is not always verbal about what he wants and needs, nor is he verbose when asked direct questions.  This is fairly common with autistic kids.  They can tell you every plot point of the latest Disney movie, but ask them to make up a story and you are met with complete silence.

The Boy has always been this way.  When he was younger and Webkinz were a thing, he would receive a new one for his birthday or Christmas, and could not come up with a name.  They were often named whatever the first suggestion I offered was.

Tails added to "the list"

Tails added to “the list”

He will tell you what he wants (in terms of toys, games, etc.) while in the store, when they are staring him in the face.  This is why we came up with the strategy of taking pictures of them with my phone and putting them on “his list”.  This helps us get out of the store without having a meltdown about not purchasing what he wants then and there.  And you may be thinking, “Great!  Then you know exactly what he wants when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, because you have pictures of them right there on your phone!”  But often, he never speaks about those things again, and I am left to wonder whether he really wants those things, or whether he was just attracted to them at the time.  Was it true love or was it just lust?

Therefore, I did a mental double-take last week when we were at the store last week, and he saw some fleecy sleep pants he liked.  He pronounced, “Mom, you could get these for my birthday!  I want these for my birthday!  Take a picture!”  He repeated some variation of these three phrases for a couple of minutes, and I think he was as excited as I was that he had verbalized his want for something specific for his birthday.

A couple of says later, I casually asked, “Do you still play with your Bionicles?”  He said, “Yes, I do.  You could get me a Bionicle for my birthday, too.”

It may seem like a small distinction, but it was huge to me.  He has never before asked for something specific for his birthday, and he continually amazes me by making these small (but huge) steps toward independence.

An Extended Weekend, a Great Day

The Boy doesn’t have school today, so we are hoping to go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 later.  And that also means I don’t have much of a post today.  But I want to take a moment to express how lucky I am, because Saturday was my birthday, and as usual, The Man and The Boy made it special:


They always get me a cake, they always get me a card, and they always light the candles and sing to me.  And thanks to Grammy for taking The Boy out to get a gift for me.  This is what family is about. :)

Be back tomorrow!


~ Annie


Happy Birthday, Little Man

Eleven years ago, on this day, at 1:06pm, I gave birth to the light of my life.

Love at First SightThe nurses quickly named him “Red”, as he was born with a full head of hair which looked red.  When dry, though it turned out to be blonde, and to this day, The Boy’s hair looks red when wet, and blonde when dry.


He was a tiny little thing, just under 5 1/2 pounds, and took his sweet time coming into this world. I had to roll up the sleeves on his tiny newborn-sized clothes, he was so small.


The other day (probably the day I had to buy him size 4 shoes!), I asked The Boy what had happened to my little baby, the one I could fit on my forearm.  He said, “Mom, it’s just life.  It’s the life cycle.  I’m growing!”  I said, “Well, you will always be my baby, no matter how much you grow, right?” and he said, “Yes, I’ll always be your baby.”

My Baby

Damn skippy.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!